Inland domestic transportation

We provide adequate services with the motto of “SAFE, SECURE AND QUICK” utilizing domestic transport network to accommodate various needs from customers.

Domestic transportation networks

We deliver important products safely, securely, and quickly by unified management the vehicle at the control center.

Domestic transportation networks

Warehouse(storage) operations / Distribution processing

We provide safe and efficient storage, cargo handling services that are suitable for all kind of products.
with the logistics system through a high-precision inventory management system.
Distribution processing
Circulation processing

Import and export cargo handling services

We have our business-expert staff and modern equipment and facilities to provide high-quality service with integrated handling.

exports process inports process

From international transportation such as marine transportation and air transportation, we will select and arrange the most suitable method according to the customer's wishes and conditions, such as product characteristics, quantity, delivery date and cost.

Business description

  • Warehouse management, inventory management
  • Packing work (pallet packing, carton packing, etc.)
  • Domestic transportation (truck delivery, container delivery)
  • Sea container (vanning, de-vanning)
  • Creation of shipping documents such as invoices
  • Sea and air transportation schedule planning, booking procedures
  • Trade agency

Export Packing services

We provide export packing service for various kinds of cargo such as machinery, fabrics, materials and chemicals.

export packing
export packing
export packing

Customs services

We realize proper and prompt customs clearance of import and export cargo by a small number of elite expert staff with abundant experience and knowledge.
In addition, since it is a field with a wealth of expertise that requires knowledge, experience, and know-how, we support the compliance management of shippers.


customs process
  • Export customs(Include loading back)
  • Import customs (Include revised declaration/claim for correction)
  • Application for Notification for food, plant quarantine, animal quarantine
  • Presence for declaration Verification based on other laws and regulations (other than Customs laws)
  • Information services for free trade agreements such as intellectual property rights and FTA

International Multimodal Transport services

We have agent in 12 countries in the world and support totally global logistics as international forwarders

Plant import and export business

We possess our know-how, business-savvy personnel and equipment, and provide comprehensive integrate on various plant import and export operations and international logistics.

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